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Review: The Moirai

The Moirai The Moirai by Ali Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nivian is lost after Kain sacrifices his life for her. She doesn’t feel like she can go on. The ritual to transfer Silas’ powers to her fails because her heart isn’t in it. She feels that her heart will never be in it unless she can find a way to bring Kain back so he can accept his place as the Keeper Of Life. Going against all orders and wishes, she goes to find a way to bring him back no matter what the cost.
I really enjoyed this book. I’ve loved this series from book one. I can’t wait to continue with this series. I thought for a minute that this would be the last one. I was very upset about that. Once I discovered there was a book four, I was instantly cheered. This has quickly become one of my favorite series of all time. I’m glad I stumbled upon it. I will definitely be reading this series over and over.
The characters are so easy to relate to and connect with. I adore them all. All of them. Not just Kain and Nivian. Even if they are two of my favorites. There are two that the story kind of hints have an attraction to each other. I really hope something comes about with that. I am totally ready for that relationship. They both deserve to find happiness. I relate so much to the girl and I adore the guy so much. Like he could be my book boyfriend level! I realize that I didn’t drop names, but I did that to keep any spoilers out. The reader will just have to read the book to figure it out!
The narrator was just as great in this book as she was the first two. It is very obvious that this narrator is a very compassionate individual and she uses that compassion in all the stories she narrates. I have only listened to her read this series, but I will definitely be listening to other audiobooks of hers if I’m able to. She is very talented. I adored the amount of life she has given this story.
I can’t state how much I absolutely love this series. The first book sucked me in and I’ve been into the story sense. Even when I’m not reading it. I can’t say I’m obsessed, but I can’t say I’m far from being obsessed either. This is a clean paranormal/fantasy story. It’s a romance, but the story isn’t wrapped completely around the romance like a romance novel would be. I can’t wait for the next book to be released on audio!

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