Thursday, June 20, 2019

Review: Enchantress of Numbers

Enchantress of Numbers Enchantress of Numbers by Jennifer Chiaverini
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Ada lives a very privileged life. However, it’s not as amazing of a life as she would hope. From a very young age, she knew that her mother and grandparents were keeping something from her. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to know anything about her father and why she was forbidden from learning things. As she grows up, she learns more and more things about her father. She discovers why the truth had been hidden from her all that time.
I really enjoyed this book very greatly. I didn’t think I’d like it much at first. It had a bit of a slow start. But yes, I adored Ada very much. I loved her courage and her will. Her willingness to go for what she wanted despite what was going on around her. She wound up complying for the greater purpose, but she kept her beliefs. I can’t say much more, but I loved it. I wanted to do research on the real Ada Lovelace. Maybe I will here soon.
I guess I don’t need to divulge that I found the characters relatable. I gushed greatly over the main character at length. I can say that I would have loved to see more of the mother’s point of view. I just wanted to read a little more into why she was the way she was from her perspective. It wasn’t really important. Ada’s story is. But still. I enjoyed reading about all the characters. Especially the famous ones that were casually mentioned.
The narrator did a fantastic job. The book already made me feel like I was in that time frame, but she enhanced that. She talked very properly. She made me feel like I was listening to a person that was in that time frame rather than a narrator narrating an audiobook. It was brilliant. It added so much flair and exuberance to the story. I would love to track down more of her audiobooks.
Overall, I enjoyed this story very much. It was heartwarming. It made me feel like I learned a bit from history. I am highly encouraged to read more about Ada Lovelace and her remarkable work. I’d like to know what happened to everybody else in the story too. This is one of those stories I feel would greatly stick with you through life. It’s amazing! I fully recommend it.

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