Monday, June 17, 2019

Review: Her Bossy Daddy

Her Bossy Daddy Her Bossy Daddy by Adaline Raine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lacey and Liam have been seeing each other for two years. Liam is Lacey’s dominant. They have been long distance until Liam gets a promotion and winds up working in the same place as Lacey. Things get steamy quickly. Lacey is terrified of what his being there will change for them. She’s terrified of not being good enough for him.
This story was okay. It wasn’t really my thing. I was kind of curious because I’d seen people talking about it constantly on my social media feed. That being said, I don’t think it’s a bad book. It’s just not a book for me. I’m sure that there are plenty of readers who will find this book amazing. And I’m very happy for them. I can say that I managed to get through this book very quickly.
I had no real connection with the characters at all. I somewhat related to Lacey because people made snide remarks about her weight. It’s like if people don’t meet society’s standard of beauty, they are nothing. That’s just how it goes. But I digress. I had no connection with the characters, and I didn’t really feel any development in any of them. That could be because of my personal preferences though.
The narrator was great, but he just didn’t fit this book. I feel like this book would have been told better with a female and male duo. I could even recommend some narrators for the job. I also feel like if Liam was Irish, he should have given Liam a more Irish accent. As I said though, he isn’t a bad narrator. I just don’t feel he fits this particular book.
This was a decent book. It’s a refreshingly short read and isn’t all that horrible. I can’t say it was my favorite book. I will also not be rereading it at all. But it was a decent book. For those of you who like the lifestyle and more erotic stories, have at it. I fully recommend the story to you. I will say this. I did enjoy the cover very much. It is very attention-grabbing.

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