Thursday, March 28, 2019

Townie by Andre Dubus III Book Review

Townie is a memoir about a young man growing up and the relationship he has with his father. It delves into the struggles and challenges he and his family faced growing up. It was about how they overcame it as well.

As this is a memoir and based on real events, I don't feel it's fully fair to give my opinion on the story itself. I can give my opinion on the writing. What I will say about the story is that it's very emotionally wrenching and I felt for the people in the story. Dubus has a very amazing talent for highlighting what everybody in the story is feeling. It's like he as the main character felt what they felt. I would even go as far as to state that he might be an Empath.

There were a lot of ways that the writing style didn't really sit well with me. I loved the story. I can't say I loved the violence of the story, but when telling the story, you should leave nothing out. No matter how uncomfortable the story makes you feel. The biggest issue I had was the constant brand name drops. Was it really important that we know exactly what beer somebody was drinking or the cigarette they were smoking?

Either way, I do recommend this story. It was very well written. Other than a few flaws, it was great. The story has a way of sinking you in. There are some jumps that will waylay every now and then. I feel like things could have been mapped out a little clearer, but it's not a major deal. I fully recommend.

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